To Aosta ~ And the real journey called life

The real journey we make is the one called life. And at this present moment it has taken us off this beautiful Via Francigena path to attend to my father who had to have emergency treatment for a heart condition last night in a hospital in Aosta. It’s been a rough 12 hours of meeting love head on, eyes wide open. Love for my Dad and the desperate need to say, I love you. Witnessing the deep love between my Mom and Dad. The love of my friend Sylvie, sticking with us defiantly.

None of us ever really know what lies ahead, how many times we will place our feet on this achingly beautiful planet, to walk a while and share it with other happy souls. But we can be certain it is profoundly rich and moving. Up and down.

I am so grateful for the last two days on the Via Francigena with my Mom and Dad. We have shared so much. The wonder of pilgrimage. Wandering through a bit of Italy. Picking fruit off trees, laughing, stopping for coffee. Homemade meals and real people in little villages. Joy.

Thank you for being here a while. For wishing us well. My Mom wants you all to know this too. My Dad is doing well. Keep us in your prayers as we take this on.

Much love and gratitude


2 thoughts on “To Aosta ~ And the real journey called life

  1. Rejoicing in the steps you are all taking, the love you are all sharing and the juiciness you are picking & relishing off this magnificent tree of life! ❤ Blessings and love go with you!


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