Insights On The Path

Insights on the path.
Cassio to Passa Della Cissa.

~ Walking is entering a labyrinth, to know the dark, to choose the light.

~ The constant rhythm of placing one foot in front of the other takes us to a depth where we may choose to see ourselves for who we are.

~ Others we meet on the road hold a mirror up for us to see ourselves and to choose what we may keep, improve or slay.

~ Soulsteps take you straight to what and who you love.

~ Life is framed with each seeing step. A visual surprise or an encounter opens the heart wider. Gratitude guilds the picture.

~ I love stories. I look for them on the path, in people – in anticipation till they explode forth with some truth-like nourishment to feed the soul.

~ Every day is different. Some are sweet and gentle. Some are euphoric. Some are hard and you wonder what you are doing here.

Yesterday took me into deep thought. It was a day of feeling vulnerable. I walked with Sylvie and Christian (a married, retired school teacher) and alone. We passed pretty Castellonchio and stopped in beautiful Berceto for a hearty sandwich with prosciutto from the region. We added an avocado from the boutique fruit shop. Christian arrived late and ordered an Americano and gelato. Walking medicine. A once-a-year procession of Madonna Della Guardia happened right before us. Village people paraded a golden Madonna down the street. We visited the church.

Back on the path we meandered through wooded paths to complete the day’s walk. A 22km day ended at an Ostello in the middle of nowhere. I discovered Sandy and Paul, an English couple who are doing the Via Francigena in stages over five years. Sandy and I recognised each other from the VF Facebook page! We enjoyed a three-course pilgrim dinner with three others, served by a raucous chef, with a fire crackling in the hearth that turned our cheeks pink. Lots of Camino insights are braided in Italian, French and English.

There is no better environment than on Camino to get straight to the point. You share the path, the passion, you are all seekers, and you may not get the chance to elaborate tomorrow.B304973E-2689-493D-BE2F-4585C20C75E22E641C0E-6AE8-41BF-82BB-B71A99A2A9D85DC859F3-1795-4F1B-A882-A7234076C012194A3870-F01F-4AE6-8A3D-67F213E070D40321354B-1A2F-4D80-99E0-9CDD5D7FDE1E2D29C4B2-9C52-4ACD-9F91-AFB0E33B80D221964943-3749-44D8-B54F-72653FAD2DE464B535AE-82A0-417F-A7A9-9AB246E0B4FDDDF6A48C-360E-4AD7-BD36-443129A00B38304294E6-BDC8-4D87-9B0C-F7D3712962BF8895D949-15C3-41CA-A63B-F2350071D31A7CC49394-456E-43A4-8637-B4FD3BB4E6101C2BD1F8-0F7D-4F56-A241-9BF2E6BB99FFB2FF5210-4E11-4DA9-971D-B519163DDD8898332862-9117-4D80-8B70-A5172048F47176BC2B94-2A03-4876-9FD4-C43CC6DEA7CBF82F873F-60E9-488A-8CBB-F348E10BD0D224A7E9B1-6DB4-466E-BAE2-C315AE7F34D1ACEFCC09-5D14-4CC0-B86B-4ACC049EAB1366B6D0A9-2E20-4702-B14C-BDFFBCCEEA6137D95B7D-65A5-4566-AF99-20E30D40E9544E241FED-2D65-4ECD-B97F-F8DBBAC52F4EEA86899C-7926-48F1-AFCD-79C59C97D6E311D988F5-C04E-462D-8DA0-AD54AFFC23851C0CD7A4-FB5F-49DC-9D81-B412A657017B6B910977-0ECB-49B2-9331-24BEE7CE505C04E3424A-3BAB-4A18-8C70-5B35CBCB8993

2 thoughts on “Insights On The Path

  1. Lovely to see this Pass in the sunshine. When we went thru it was raining and thick fog. Also in Berceto there was a car rally for older model cars and the town was full of tourists, however it was lovely. Ate our lunch on a park bench on the tree lined walkway out of town.


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