To the sea and Massa

It’s morning, and again I am that lucky person who is in it.

~ Mary Oliver

Today we reached the sea!

We arrived after walking from Sarzana to Luni and then veering off the VF to the beach. It was a significant milestone to plunge into the Mediterranean Sea at the approximate halfway mark in our journey, after walking 350km. Sylvie felt quite emotional. The water was cool and salty. We celebrated with seafood lunch at a beachside restaurant.

At times today we wondered if people thought we were homeless bag ladies. Then we were surprised when someone shouted out excitedly: “to Roma?”

After today’s 30km walk to Massa, tonight we are on a train to Novara to be with my Mom while my Dad has heart surgery. We will take a few days off to be with my family. Sylvie is such a wonderful friend. She is steadfastly on this journey with me, through all its detours.B463C7E9-4A0C-4925-B0A1-5AD439AB458DD0817F88-2FD3-4103-9D92-6BBD0DFC33512069BE04-8A36-4838-BC47-B11B03F5D5BB43EA7DD7-FDDD-4448-8F0D-B11452971329B03DAAE1-924A-4F6B-9306-84076104F2D610CD4121-1CAC-47EF-984A-BC7212BF6BFFA93D4EB0-95D3-4DD8-BAD4-76B40DBC1596D0C8B989-BD6E-48AA-9C61-2A77B9C6CEEE2CAFABD2-BB5B-4D86-BB38-141B26BD0E4121C621F1-BE61-4EC5-83F3-550C9A40C433173358A5-D954-41AC-AED2-C70E1363CCD1A18C97F8-1D91-4C35-B309-F54090FF57AA11F23ADA-E150-49C8-BAF5-8E9E28F545318E1CB5D0-33AD-4083-9E84-9E5E4B3FEA27DE6EDBDB-7309-4DDD-955F-F414981758844D6A3CE9-2CA2-456E-B6B5-79235812483D956140C3-7C95-474C-B3E2-80170F20496FAACA8888-151B-499C-8A7F-A0327D4A060BDFEE2FE8-23C8-4BA1-B0EF-819E5C6AC582D0DA04C6-6639-46A2-901A-71BAA6E02AC3BEE4292C-6904-4FB0-BA33-C23AAD2DA3370E99E04F-6549-44DC-8A4C-7FC35DEB97A10E4970FF-C376-457D-A019-25C658AB93663BF678C5-18AA-409C-97D0-35AF91A30591A03554B7-91FE-4D77-9996-22A4C685E51F7627E332-72D4-4AB2-9C0B-6A724F6CDB9D

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