Big love. Thank you Italy 🇮🇹

If each day falls
inside each night,
there exists a well
where clarity is imprisoned.

We need to sit on the rim
of the well of darkness
and fish for fallen light
with patience.

~ Pablo Neruda

Success. I type this word with such happiness. Relief that it has found us and I can use it.

My Dad’s surgery has been a great success.

We are slowly finding our way out and forward into the light. We have wrapped ourselves in each other. A Mom, her daughters, a friend. Held strong by Novara, Italy. Expertly. Heartfelt. Thank you. Family and friends feeling from far. Sitting with and felling fear, nerves. Finding hope to step on. Riding love. This life that pulls us away and towards meaning and ourselves. One step at a time. That’s what we do.

Italy has sewn big bits of love into all our hearts and we are so grateful.

The journey will go on.2F097077-0FBB-40B8-BD81-858B2072F231DAF91BEE-1847-4F94-9183-34CAFC4B24EEAC1B1207-C734-44D3-80C7-A559ECD1C9301638913A-A155-4DE4-9071-B41813D460455710F793-5EAC-46F1-9076-24EAF4385E835D06128F-CA45-4201-8DDF-05423F4949967D6CD3C9-C7B3-496F-95AC-79BDC47F7FD5CAA8856F-6CF6-4CC8-BB95-FB667EEF298768999540-ABD9-4427-9D2A-07F0566F09EAD430034F-9A28-48BE-8F7D-AE5AA8C41532BCE1E2FE-50B6-415F-BA8D-A5DE4F4FAD3A9F42E729-58CF-4771-81CC-80C2F12170D95E720984-D595-4B2A-869A-E221EB43CAD9F4E51864-1717-4B67-9DE5-12C9C1B1DBD1471B984D-1722-4469-8F70-64397C183413A355A26A-38FC-4343-A7B2-942AF56C0C7E047F09E3-79B4-4448-B16F-74A284181980F8A680FB-C1B8-4500-AEA8-A671EC9156397122AA64-9C6D-42ED-BF52-7290D7590C6278A551AD-CEFD-4CD2-9B9F-43F17DFE592432E0A2AA-2A1A-405E-B372-21E81982DACDE8DE04DD-EC92-45BA-800B-BC4B5092515F

2 thoughts on “Big love. Thank you Italy 🇮🇹

  1. This is an amazing read, I am ready for more,more,more. Pictures are spectacular..
    So happy about your dad and without a speck of doubt, this is Sylvie we know and love and everyone can count on. We miss you Sylvie.
    Looking forward to your second half of adventures and experiences and Paul and I wish you safe and exiting travels.
    🤗💜Helena B.


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