Acquapendente to Bolsena

Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.

~ Jack Kerouac

Eight days to Rome and water, water, everywhere. 

Today we walked 24 km from Acquapendente to the vast Lake Bolsena, Europe’s largest volcanic lake, with a circumference of 43km. We stopped for a cappuccino after about two hours in San Lorenzo Nuovo. Towards the end of the town a cyclist started chatting and remembered Sylvie’s name at one of the previous church accommodations. He is also from Quebec and was convinced he’d eventually come across her! 

Forest paths, olive groves and gorgeous views of the lake defined the rest of the route. By 2.30pm we were in the beautiful town and checked into the Casa Di Preghere Santa Cristina in the old city for €11. We were delighted to find a washing machine. Before long our feet were planted in the dark volcanic sand on the shores of the lake and we plunged into the cool water where we floated and stretched. 

We ate dinner in a restaurant on the lakeside beach, toes in the sand, watching the sun set and listening to the water lap the shore. An enchanting ending to the day. DF73B60D-3C56-4280-960B-A2E945EE5A4B76368F05-B1B4-4C14-A9B0-80217AF1248EB3A35FAA-A1C7-4AB1-82F5-DB2041B487DC45D12960-1D45-43BC-AFFB-4FFA4E860EA6A7A7EDA0-7AED-43DE-A95C-DAB9B8D4679075E91C15-CD7E-466C-93BC-ABBC9F0F5AB1E2BA289F-7B31-45B8-B16B-62B6B8CC87543ABDEADF-3284-48EF-8297-C34E75AE8BFDDE37D202-9FBD-4AB4-9145-EEAF6B171C70BB77BEC2-2728-44BE-BE8B-1BB77FE0BAEABBA6B725-3592-46A5-93EB-CA5B5088CFED0DEA8EA3-00BF-4719-85A1-E854B81CB07902BAA096-AA23-444C-A73A-1CFD5F05EE9E7B70A377-BC29-4291-BCF6-661AF4626B938D5B180F-9B0C-427C-8F0B-51AAA8842FF06D0641ED-4BEB-4DCC-A7FF-A5566A3FAFE35DACBB36-256A-4D72-B3C3-C1942246019E106A7095-AD27-47DB-AFE2-96336A6939F77465B8F4-6021-4551-8697-FDDEC9355D5E06A506BE-3759-450D-86AE-74DA5D631EB8F94750E8-489E-4BBB-9E5B-66CA2E8F69D7C30FC264-23DA-4BF3-88C2-89F1CBA9ADBBE1AEA5A6-37CE-4D22-99F7-A605E6E9EAED94E10EC2-1C5E-4809-AE1E-189BF2C5072D

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