Montefiascone to Viterbo

Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you. You must travel it by yourself. It is not far. It is within reach. Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know. Perhaps it is everywhere – on water and land.

~ Walt Whitman

This is the journey within the journey. The walk through woods and the walk through life. What will you take home with you? It’s all up to you. The journey goes on. A few days left to Rome.

Yesterday we walked 18km from Montefiascone and through the gates of Viterbo, an ancient city full of history. We watched the famous Montefiascone basilica fade into the distance. We passed by the sulphur pools we had bathed in the day before. We passed a few pilgrims, one an older man with broken shoes. We skipped over the ancient paving of Via Cassia. How many feet before us? A cold wind blew.

Sylvie and I talked and talked. It passed the time perfectly. We love our chats and they grow bigger as we walk. We expand our observations and ideas. We always come back to essentials. Love. Family. Friends. Big heart. Big life.

We read a bad review about an Ostello and bed bugs which made us indecisive as to where to stay. After lunch in a little piazza and rejecting a B&B due to a creepy owner, we found La Torre Mozza, an old city tower of three floors all to ourselves with a view over rooftops. Another strange owner.

We lost ourselves in a maze of cobbled streets, feeling the city. We always feel the place we go. This one had a different feeling. We looked for the sun and found it in a raised piazza looking out to the city’s famed Duomo church. We then stumbled on a movie set and watched a while. The night ended in a small wine bar with tasty pizza. We slept in our tower, listening to the sounds of the night. I journeyed in my dreams.4D8740A9-D657-444D-8A8F-269797E28044CF1DBB52-4EF1-4BD9-9F3E-74C7B8A3DB95A5D6F35B-8A09-4EA7-A177-F44F19D8B11299874A58-AFB5-47D4-B6B2-1A2975DF5F3420F8C052-75D8-414C-85EF-4A0E47543B5CF34A963B-0D70-48E9-A51F-217EE1C1146C89AA6A25-09B1-4965-AE5B-5DB57A8CEE75C85B2B9B-7022-40C5-ACB3-36C63AAD0F61D6778823-4A3E-4B09-944B-22B36B0C1EF4B631313B-BB3B-40AD-8A9C-C70918C6889180E0672B-0EEE-4BD0-9E75-F4F664F803C0052A48E6-FC41-4516-99AC-33DFFEAF08D4690A10AA-D51F-40C6-9F06-CC0A71C57D5D0DA45628-B3D1-494D-A652-6C4FD65D7C4503854A52-EA4D-40F7-A492-E8C7E17EA1B8034085F9-3107-48E6-AC92-5B551F85CF5151F99A9D-6C05-4D95-9A6E-F45EF7595CADF0DDCCE7-4A9F-4EF9-97EA-1EBAFBDB01E15389FC19-F205-42CD-A075-FB690656270425F58242-DB7E-48F6-B011-91A276CC68A24C715A6D-AE3C-49B3-888E-F01CE35B3AB65E93862E-A77B-4882-9739-69DF01E6ED6D

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