Astorga. A place to begin.

“And wasn’t it a story that brought millions of pilgrims to walk the Camino? True or false, in some ways it didn’t seem to matter whether people believed there was a saint or relics or miracles. A story of discovery and hope drew us to walk, a story written by millions of slogging feet and seeking spirits.” (Ailsa Piper. Sinning across Spain)

And so we arrived at our starting point today, in Astorga – one of the oldest dioceses of Spain. Oh the grandeur of the Cathedral Santa Maria Astorga and Gaudi’s Episcopal Palace. Chocolate, Maragato dishes and the traditional mantecada pound cakes are prolific. We buy our pilgrim shells. We clink glasses and eat Tapas. 

Now we just want to begin. To set foot on that beautiful way of the soul. But first we must prise ourselves from the world. Prepare. Set new routines in motion. Wrestle with a degree of vulnerability, unlearning and letting go, so we can find something new. So we can come back renewed. In full expression of who we are. Tomorrow is a gentle start.

Gail’s recovered backpack!
Leaving our hotel in Madrid
Gary and Sue enjoying their first breakfast in Spain
Bus ride to Astorga
The cathedral and the palace, side by side.
Gaudi’s Episcopal Palace
Cathedral Santa Maria Astorga
On the sunny side of the street
Lunch time in the plaza
Delicious squid for lunch
Food of the region
Light stuff
Our hotel. Casa de Tepa
Giving my talk about FasterEFT Tapping
Erica and Janet
Gail and Darene
Lisa and Sylvie
Night garden at Casa de Tepa
History spills
Napoleon stayed here!
Ask for tea and the manager brings a tray
Tea in the lounge before bed

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