The Portuguese Coastal Way 2023

Walking in wonder through Portugal & Spain. 22nd May – 5th June

Is walking a Camino on your heart’s list? 

Is it calling you?

Would you like to break routine, rejuvenate and re-find your path, your essence, your aliveness?


Would you love to change direction, transform or heal something in your life? 

Whatever it is for you, Darene and Sylvie are two intrepid pilgrims and mentors who can’t wait to receive you and walk alongside you on this incredible, nourishing journey that awaits.

Take the inner and outer journey from UNESCO heritage listed, Porto in Portugal on El Camino to UNESCO heritage listed Santiago de Compostela, known as the Way of St James and the way of the Stars.

Place your feet on this ancient route for 2 weeks and 280km in the hug of connection with a group of like-minded souls. We will walk along the stunning coastline of Portugal, witnessing its beautiful beaches, cliffs, some forest, and traditional fishing villages. Then experience the change as we enter Spain and wind our way to iconic Santiago. Enjoy an incredible cultural experience, taking in the vast history, enjoying traditional Portuguese and Spanish cuisine as well as 3-course pilgrim meals, meeting local people and pilgrims from all over the world. Being one of the less hilly Camino routes makes it perfect for everyone.

The journey will always be uniquely yours. There is the option for you to have your backpack transferred every day to our next town and accommodation. You may also choose to skip a day and catch a bus or taxi to the next destination. Everyone’s Camino is unique to them and there is no right or wrong way.

A typical day on Camino…

  • Wake fairly early.
  • Pack clothes maybe drying from night before.
  • Fill water bladder.
  • Meet fellow walkers for “hands in the ring” to greet and bless our day!
  • Start walking. “I am here. I am here.” Wow to everything and everyone I meet.
  • Have breakfast after 1-2 hours of walking in a little village. (Other days enjoy buffet breakfast at hotel before setting out.)
  • Walk in wonder, chat, dream, marvel, stop for a snack, drink in the scenery and every encounter.
  • Arrive at accommodation by lunchtime or soon after.
  • Gather dirty clothes for a group wash of clothes in a washing machine OR hand wash in the event of no machine!
  • Shower or bath (bliss!!)
  • Hang, dry laundry.
  • Go explore the town, shop for small souvenirs, chat to the locals OR rest.
  • Settle in a cosy cafe for a coffee/ refreshment/ drinks and snacks with the girls. Journal about the day or chat to everyone in sight!
  • Collect laundry. Tapping or sharing circle to share the day’s events and emotions with each other. Yoga stretches.
  • Gorgeous dinner and drinks in a corner of the world you have walked into by foot with new friends to share it with. Amazing.
  • Sleep. Ah sleep. Ready to repeat again and again!!


The cost of this two-week guided pilgrimage is AU$3200. (Please note this is in Australian dollars).

It includes:

  • Accommodation for 15 nights in twin-share rooms
  • All breakfasts
  • Welcome traditional dinner in Porto & Fado performance – cultural music expressing love, passion, loss and “saudade”!
  • A 2-hour privately guided tour through Santiago
  • Farewell dinner in Santiago at an iconic Tapas Bar with Galician regional wines
  • Group tapping & sharing circles to deepen your Camino experience & wellbeing
  • A 90-minute eutaptics® FasterEFT session with Darene on Zoom pre-Camino
  • Support and guidance with preparation before and on your Camino
  • A pilgrim passport (for stamps) and scallop shell for your backpack. A Compostela certificate on completion of your journey
  • A colourful itinerary of towns, accommodation and history to share with family & keep as a memento
  • An extra surprise


  • Enjoy a variety of hand-picked accommodations with pilgrimage in mind. Enjoy highly-rated traditional Albergues, small country-style inns and beautiful hotels.
  • Walk between 15 and 26km a day with only 5-6 days being more than 20km.
  • Space is limited to 10 people. Reserve your place with a 50% deposit by the 15th of February. Your deposit should include 50% payment of $1600 plus an extra night in Porto on the 21st of AU$145 incl breakfast (if requested) and backpack/baggage transfer AU$130, if you are booking this in advance) TOTAL AU$1875.
  • The balance of payment AU$1600 will be due on the 1st of May 2023.


  • Flights and visas
  • Travel and medical insurance (required)
  • Lunches, dinners, drinks and food (about 30-40 euros a day)
  • Backpack transfers every day to accommodation (AU$130 extra)
  • Transport to accommodation elected in favour of walking


Fill in this online form to register for this trip

The Pilgrim’s Manifesto

  • Your journey starts when you say YES.
  • Allow the journey to unfold and be open to what you find on the path, in yourself and in others.
  • Surrender to the weather, the little discomforts, the forks in the road, and you will be ready to receive more than you can imagine.
  • The Camino always provides.
  • Take time to walk alone in stillness and deep connection with yourself.
  • Take time to chat to everyone.
  • Your aches, pains and discomforts are “part of the game”.
  • Everything that happens will show you something profound if you allow it.
  • Drink in every experience and find the gold in it.
  • Give more that you take on the road, and watch the miracles unfold.
  • Be kind to your fellow travellers, they will be there for you in times of need.
  • Thank yourself for bringing you here to experience so much joy.
  • Create memories that will forever be etched in your heart.
  • Walk in wonder as you consider those that walked before you on this ancient path.
  • Take the gifts from the road back home and deepen them.
  • The Camino is life in sharp focus. Enjoy every step and encounter. Love the journey.


Darene & Sylvie

5 thoughts on “The Portuguese Coastal Way 2023

  1. If you thinking about joining these wonderful ladies, don’t think too long. Just say yes and do it. I would recommend your guided camino to anyone out there thinking about it.


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