A Poem


By Darene Puttergill

It’s a holy thing to walk out and place your feet here.
On this great, great path.
That sings the oldest love song
Invited to strum inside you now.
Allow the opening
And watch the hypnotic notes that pulse up
Into your throat
That cannot be silenced
That release the sound of pleasure
And witness a chorus move through you.
Announcing your sweet arrival.

Keep going on this soulful road
And feel the Earth’s breath on your pink cheek
And the pull of the field ahead stripping your mind clean
To nakedness
Till you are just the rise and fall of
You and the sun on the deep horizon
Expanding in you
In co-creation.

Keep walking, breathing, feeling.
Just do this.
Nothing more
Nothing less.
Allow this fusion of you and everything
Listening to the stones crack open their secrets

What if the way to the self
Is in each step?
In the stillness
That moves you
Clears you
Filling you as you walk with the promise of you
As you wait patiently
To know you are held
In your utter perfection
By you
Signing your footprints
In the sand of love

Stand strong with the grand trees
Fearless in your stepping.
Find peace in the stream that cools you, urging you to rest.
Find warmth in the friends beside you
May the acceptance of the dropped leaf help your grief find an ending just like that.
May the pastel flight of the butterfly paint softness and beauty across your heart.
May you sit at the day’s golden end, the walk done, and know for sure
It’s been an extraordinary way to the self.
To know the great gift of life and the beautiful creature you are.
It’s a holy thing to walk out and place your feet here
On this great, great path.

Darene Puttergill

2 thoughts on “A Poem

  1. I absolutely LOVE this !!
    You write beautifully, from the heart, I feel your transformation, your awareness of self, your Spiritual growth!
    Your words are enlightening.
    Bravo !


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